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The Lenix Family

Masters Bill, Candy & Mitt-Chai Lenix 

The Lenix family wanted to offer Traditional Marital Arts training for the entire family, so they founded Universal Martial Arts in 1993. We felt that since the family lives together, why they shouldn't be able to train together. we truly believe that the family that kicks together sticks together. Also we treat each of our students as a member of our extended family; we call them our Martial Arts Family.





Master Bio's

Master Bill Lenix fell in love with the Martial Arts in 1966 and has earned the black belt in five separate disciplines. He has devoted the majority of his life to teaching the way of warrior to others and in 2000 was rewarded for his efforts by being inducted into the USMAA Millennium Hall of Fame.

Master Candy Lenix has been training in the Martial Arts since she was 5 years old. She began her training in Thailand in the art of Muoy Thai and has since earned the title of Master in Taekwondo and the rank of Chodan in Judo. She is also a Certified National level Referee & Coach in Taekwondo and The Primary Trainer of Master Mitt-Chai Lenix & UMA.

Master MittMaster Mitt-Chai Lenix started his training over 18 years ago and has earned the title of Master in Taekwondo and the rank of Chodan in Judo. During the past 18 years he has gathered together an ever growing list of accomplishments, 10 time Georgia State Champion, 5 time National Champion, and won the ISKA World Creative Breaking Championship Belt for 2006 & 2007. He also holds the ISKA World record for the higest board break with a kick. (9ft 4 in)

Currently Master Mitt is serving his country in the armed services.  


Universal Martial Arts

The Universal Martial Arts organization includes multiple schools in the greater metro Atlanta area. Each of these schools are dedicated to teaching the Martial Way.

Master Terry Millwood Guardian Martial Arts

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