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The Way of the Respectable Warrior

At Universal Martial Arts we embrace the Multiple Martial Art approach in our training.  We incorporate the striking & kicking techniques of Taekwondo and Muay Thai with the grappling elements of Judo and Jujitsu into a comprehensive self defense system.  


When taught in a traditional manner, the Martial Arts are much more than just another sport or hobby.  The student will actually undertake a journey into a very special way of life.  The knowledge that one acquires will help the student produce that inner discipline and strength that is necessary to face the struggles of every day life. 


The philospoly of Mu Sa Do can be summed up by the tenets that guide our lives.

The Tenets of MuSaDo

These tenets are the building blocks of Universal Martial Arts training and are the very core beliefs that keep Martial Arts from becoming just another sport.

The Martial Arts is a Way of Life!




Self Control

Indomitable Spirit


In All Things,
Begin with Respect
and End with Respect

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