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  • Pay Respect to the Flags and the Teachers/instructors when entering and leaving the dojang.

  • Do not enter class late, nor leave early, without the permission of your Teacher/instructor.

  • Assume the attention position while speaking to your instructor or any other black belt holder.

  • Students shall pay respect before speaking to a Teacher/instructor and shall address them as Sir or Ma'am.

  • Begin and end with respect in all that you do. 

  • Always use words of consideration (“Yes Ma'am, or No Sir") when speaking.

  • Always call if you are going to be late or absent.

  • Always request permission before attending additional classes.

  • Do not leave the training area without the permission of your Teacher/instructor.

  • Idle conversation is not permitted during class.  

  • Unmannerly conduct (such as using profanity, obscene gestures, actions, or unnecessary roughness toward fellow students) is prohibited.

  • Students are expected to be courteous and understanding.  They are to help fellow students whenever possible.

  • Loud conversation, giggling, and chewing gum have no place in martial arts training.

  • Students not actively in class may sit quietly in the training area.  Use the time for extra stretching.

  • Personal hygiene is your responsibility!  Please wear a clean uniform to class.  Keep nails cut short.

  • Jewelry, watches, and other like items should not be worn to class.  The only exception will be for wedding bands.

  • Do not hold demonstrations or teach without the approval of your Teachers/instructors.

  • Do not engage in any activities that might degrade the code of Mu Sa Do or the reputation of the Dojang.

  • You must have permission from the Teachers/instructors before entering any tournament competition.

  • Do not participate in activities held by a Martial Arts School other than Universal Martial Arts (or their affiliates) without permission from the Teachers/instructors.

  • All students are to wear full white uniforms with belt.  No patches are to be worn without prior approval from the Teachers/instructors.  A black collar or trim is allowed for black belt holders.

  • All students should bring their sparring gear to every class.

  • Always say "Jie Yen Yen" when bowing.

  • Universal Martial Arts is not responsible for personal items left at the Dojang.

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